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Best Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Blogs – Earn Big

Today I will be reviewing Travel Affiliate Programs. These travel affiliate marketing programs are mainly for bloggers that have travel blog.

If you are a travel blogger wondering others ways to monetize your blog apart from Google Adsense, then read this. Many bloggers have made up their mind to monetize their blog only through Google advert program. Actually this is very bad because you have limited your earning.

Travel blog niche are profitable and very nice. Even though that it is getting too competitive. For been a travel blogger I clap my hands for you, it is not easy.
They are many ways that a travel blog can be monetize his or her blog. This can be done through online advertisements programs. It is always free for publishers to join.

Here, I will be showing you other ways to monetize you blog other than online advertise program like Google adsense, admedia etc.

Top Travel Affiliate Programs 

They are many affiliate marketing programs for travel bloggers but here I will discuss few which are the best. Tested and approved by pros

One might ask what Affiliate Marketing is.

You must be newbie, but don’t worry I will clear you..
Affiliate marketing is a means of monetize a blog or website. Here you are required to promote a particle product and get a commission when a buyer buys the product through your link.
For example let me say as a Travel blogger that you promote a particular travel company product on your blog. Let’s take this promoted product to be flight ticket. When someone books a flight through your link you will get a commission of the money he or she pays.

Can I Earn Big From Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Yes you can, imagine when you promote a product that worth $1000 and gets 20% of the product sell per buys. 20% of $1000 is 200.
Yeah this is what I call boss up; this can happen in few days imagine when you get 4 buyers in a week that is huge earning. Google adsense can never give you this opportunity unless with tons of traffic.

The following are Best Travel Affiliate Programs that you should try out Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the top affiliate programs for anyone with big travel blog or website. If you are a travel agency or with a travelling blog has a better platform for you to monetize your blog/website and earn huge.

Features of Affiliate Marketing Program

1.     It is free to Register and processes involved is simple
2.     They offer deep linking, search box, and banner integration options
3.     Their commissions are in split model

Stay Booking Per Month
Your Payment From Total commission
501 or more

4.     Their minimum payout is 100 euro
5.     Payout mode is PayPal – you can create one if you don’t have.
6.     For wordpress user you can integrate’s search box on a wordpress blog using their plugin

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is one of my recommended Travel Affiliate Programs that will lead you to your dream of earning big. This company is anAmerican travel agency.

When people are travelling or planning a trip (usually companies) , they due visit tripAdvisor to check their accommodation, review and bookings. If you are in travelling niche you have to join this affiliate program.

It will be of great use if you get on this affiliate program. As a travel blogger you have the opportunity to link your readers to their original content having your tracking ID through the link.

Features of TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

1.     Monthly payout
2.     50% commission – this is really mad, imagine where a company stumble on your blog and click through you link having to book a flight worth dollars. Bro, you are rich 50% of whatever they pay is your commission.
3.     Deeps Linking to over five thousand cties and hostel
4.     Over 500 million and unbiased traveler reviews
5.     World’s largest travel Site

Join tripdvisor Affiliate program and boost your Earning.. CLICK HERE

Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia Affiliate Program is open for bloggers that likes to promote travelling products. This Affiliate marketing program is commissioned-based. The product you promote has price discount up to 50%.  The floor is open for you to join Expedia affiliate. They offer best means to monetize a blog /website.

Feature of Expedia Affiliate Program

1.     On joining Expedia affiliate program you will have full access to banners, links and booking engines.
2.     Expedia has 150,000 hostels around globe with over 20,000 locations of leading car rental properties.
3.     They usually have a start payment of 6% per product sale as a beginner.

Join Expedia Affiliate Marketing Program

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the leading Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers. This affiliate program is open to everyone to join but you must have a website or blog to promote their product.
They have millions of properties for their clients. Their affiliate program approval process is manual and its takes upto 48-72 hours.

Feature of Agoda Affiliate Marketing Program

1.     They pay 60% commission but it is based on margin (so huge)
2.     Minimum payout $200
3.     Payout mode is direct bank transfer
4.     Allows the use of Hostel power ads to increase your revenue by 3X
5.     Gives search box, text links and data feeds.

Join Agoda Affiliate Program today and increase you website/blog revenue

TravelPayouts Travel Affiliate Program

Have you tried any of the above Travel Affiliate Programs for your travel blog and didn’t earn as expected. Then here is the solution - TravelPayouts Travel Affiliate Program. TravelPayouts are specially designed for travel bloggers to use and monetize their blog.

Features of TravelPayout

1.     This affiliate program pays their partners up to 80% of your earned revenue for every sale – this implies that more sale, more income grosses.
2.     TravelPayout covers services like flights, insurance, car rentals, hotels, transfers and much more.
I advise travel bloggers to try out this affiliate program is cool. Have been using it for my affiliate blog and it works awesome.

Other popular travel affiliate market programs are VigLink, Go City Card, Cruise Direct Affiliate program.

I have taken time to break down Travel Affiliate Programs that you can use and earn big as a travel blogger.

Note that the Travel Affiliate marketing Programs discussed above are not all travel affiliates available for you. But I have made research to give you the best. Signing up with any of the affiliate programs above assures you of 100% earning security and earning tracked with best customer services..

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