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keywordspy Review 2018 All You Need to Know About keywordspy

keywordspy Review

Welcome to my review on Keywordspy. After making research on Keywordspy I have come with below result. This article on keywordspy Review 2018 have been written to clear doubts and confusions concerning KeywordSpy.

Keywordspy is what every blogger should be using. This tool allows you to spy on your fellow blogger’s website. With keywordspy you can easily identify your competitors. Find hidden keyword in your niche and out rank them.

Below is a clear review on Keywordspy.. read carefully

keywordspy Review 2018

As you may know with Keyword Spy membership you can easily see what kind of keywords are exactly your competitors ranking and how you can use this advantage to make your website even more profitable and I hope that you will this Keyword Spy review. In other words you can easily find profitable keywords with weak competition and keywords that will be very easy to actually outrank. You will see complete report of your competition, which keywords they are ranking for, backlinks sources or even how much are they spending on PPC advertising for example on Google Adwords.

Keyword Spy Review 

That is not the single purpose of Keyword Spy – spying on your competitors, well in this Keyword Spy review I will try to cover all features that this service can offer to you and how it can change your business strategies and how you will recieve advantage over your competitors, in other words how you will make more money than other websites in your niche. I will try to make this Keyword Spy really honest, but if you have still any questions leave your comments below this Keyword Spy review.

What You Need To Know About Keyword Spy – Honest Keyword Spy Review

First I honestly recommend you to try their free trial account and explore Keyword Spy by yourself and then you can easily decide if Keyword Spy is the right service for your business or not. But you should know that choosing the right keywords for your campaigns is the most important task, because if keyword research is bad, then everything is going to fall. So you should consider this fact and with Keyword Spy is really easy to choose the right keywords for your website or even for PPC campaigns.
In fact Keyword Spy has database that counts milions of keywords, so you don’t have to worry if you will find the right keywords for you. Well how easy it will be to rank some keywords without any linkbuilding at all, you will just choose keywords with some volume and with weak competitors, it sounds like dream or not ? Well make sure that you will their free trial or you can also check my Keyword Spy review on youtube below. Also if you find this Keyword Spy video review useful or if you have any questions about this video review, leave a comment below this review, thank you.

KeywordSpy Review on Youtube


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Another Features That Keyword Spy Offers

Keyword Spy is also keyword tracker, well what is keyword tracking ? It will track your keywords (real time tracking by the way) in Google, Yahoo and also in Bing, compare to other rank trackers, this is real time tracking so you will know right now how your website is performing and on which keywords you should focus on. Ok now your keyword research and keyword tracking is on steroids, what else can Keyword Spy do for you ?

Well (and I love this part and I am trying to be really honest in this Keyword Spy review) Keyword Spy will help you to find the right profitable affiliate products that you can promote via your website or through PPC advertising. It will help you to find the right keywords for these affiliate products, so in other words it will find you the product, easy to rank keywords and then it will track these keywords how are they doing in search engines, how sweet is it ?

If you want to skyrocket your affiliate campaigns, then you should consider joining this service. In other words I hope that this Keyword Spy review helped you to make the right decision for your online business. Well if you are not sure about Keyword Spy, then you can easily leave your questions related to this Keyword Spy below in comments area or you can directly contact me and I will try to answer all your questions.

Anyway I hope that you found this Keyword Spy review helpful and useful, also remember that Keyword Spy has more features than I mentioned in this review, if I had to mention all these features then this review will be so long and boring, thank you for understanding.

Detailed Review on keywordspy

KeywordSpy is a powerful, versatile tool with segmented features depending on your preferences. Their preliminary plans offer either research or tracking of keywords. KeywordSpy tends to offer good value for money compared to other similar tools available online.


The Research section extensively focuses on competitors and general market research. Keying in a domain name gives you a quick overview of competitor’s adwords keywords, their ad copy as well as organic traffic keywords.  A key feature that gives KeywordSpy an overwhelming edge is the support for data from dozens of countries. Most tools offer research just pertaining to the US and maybe the UK or Canada as well. With KeywordSpy you get access to data from over 30 countries!
You will notice that KeywordSpy keeps the interface simple. On the surface, the tool seems quite bland but you can drill down deeper by clicking on individual keywords and then proceed to find more competitors eventually gathering a comprehensive field to work with.

keywordspy Review 2018

Top Lists

Their top lists section can be a useful resource to analyze the websites with highest PPC campaigns in order to figure out what the best players in the industry are engaged in. Perhaps some strategies can be replicated to amplify the success of your campaigns. Do note that the estimated budgets may be under or overestimated depending on the website.


This feature is not available in the basic plan but a must-have for PPC users who are mainly focused on affiliate marketing. In fact, a large area of KeywordSpy’s Research tool focuses on affiliates. The Affiliate tool gives you an idea of what tools the top affiliates are promoting as well as the keywords they are targeting to rake in the profits. KeywordSpy also sells a separate information product to help affiliate marketers make more money with their search marketing efforts.


Tracking is a different part of the PPC game where you master the keywords you are about to target once you have collected them using the research tools. In essence, you should be looking to use both sets of tools in order to gain the maximum out of KeywordSpy. Keep a tab on all three main search engines and analyze keywords on a daily basis from an organic and paid standpoint.

If you are looking to start with a limited pool of keywords, you might want to try the keyword overlap tool and analyze different competitors to find out the common keywords among them. This should suggest (not entirely) that these keywords should be performing well.

If you are more into organic keyword growth, the same tools such as the overlap tool is also available for organic keywords.

Tracking allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your landing page. It also gives you suggestions on how to structure your landing page which can be quite useful. Ideally speaking, if you are on a limited budget, you would benefit more from the research tool. That being said, if you are looking to run campaigns on all 3 search engines, Tracking can certainly come in handy.


As mentioned above, pricing is quite different compared to other similar tools. KeywordSpy is available for $90 if you purchase the Research OR Tracking account but you don’t get both. The combined subscription will cost you $140 a month. If you are going for the base category, your price will be relatively low compared to other tools on the market.

Conclusion On keywordspy Review 

KeywordSpy is definitely worth a try. The free trial version allows you to get a good feel of the product without investing any money.

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